Thomas Oliver Chaplin (born 8 March 1979) is the lead singer of the English rock band, Keane.
Chaplin was invited to join the band by Rice-Oxley, after he finally convinced the other two, in 1997, when the name "The Lotus Eaters" was changed to "Cherry Keane", after a friend of Chaplin's mother. Later "Cherry" was removed from the name. The name was used to represent eternal friendship since the band members all knew who Cherry Keane was.

Chaplin uses a Hammond MK2 organ for "Hamburg Song" and "Nothing in My Way". Since May 2006 a Yamaha CP60M for the distortion piano riffs on "A Bad Dream", "The Frog Prince" and "Crystal Ball", is used.

He also has been playing the acoustic guitar in songs like "Your Eyes Open" since the 2006 UK tour, and during 2007 acoustic solos of "Broken Toy" and "The Frog Prince". He also plays guitar in Keane's third album, Perfect Symmetry. In many of the Perfect Symmetry live shows, Tom plays what looks like two different Fender Telecaster guitars: one red and one white.

In an interview with Keane Backline, band member Tim Rice-Oxley stated that Chaplin had been interested in learning to play the theremin, but "couldn't be bothered to learn how to use it", also stating that the theremin "might be the only way of reproducing the musical saw sound" used in some tracks of Perfect Symmetry.

Known compositions

* "Call Me What You Like"
* "Closer Now"
* "The Silence of an Alien"