Nicole is part of a new generation of metal bands in Finland that has made their way into the spotlight during the last decade. Since its founding in '97 the band has published 12 releases (including 4 albums and 3 DVDs) and has enjoyed great success after the release of the albums "Suljetut Ajatukset" (2004) and "Sivu syyttömistä" (2007).

Nicole works through their very own label. This means they have total freedom to do everything exactly the way they want to without forgoing the same possibilities that mainstream bands have. Their 3 DVDs are a prime example of this, in particular the third DVD titled "X" which debuted at 1 in the Finnish DVD chart.

On the new album "Tuomittujen joukkoon" Nicole takes a step towards a darker, more brutal sound. Lyrically the album deals with death, change and agony while the music itself is harsh, aggressive and extremely intense: it lets you breathe for merely a second before it punches you back down again.

Nicole is:

Ilkka Laitala - vocals, guitar
Olli Ketola - guitar
Jonne Soidinaho- bass
Ville Sahakangas - drums

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