Kevin Kern (nascido Kevin Lark Gibbs em 22 dezembro, 1958) é um pianista americano, compositor e artista de música New Age.
Kevin foi encontrado a tocar "Silent Night" no piano aos 18 meses de idade.
Ele começou a aprender piano aos 4 regularmente e começou a escrever música aos 8. Aos 14, ele fundou um grupo de música chamada "O Bem Temperado de clavicórdio". Apesar da sua fraca visão, ele ainda estava determinado a ser um pianista.
Seu primeiro desempenho na Ásia foi em Taiwan, em 2002.
Ele lançou nove álbuns, incluindo uma compilação álbum, e dois songbooks, e está trabalhando em um novo álbum. Ele também lançou um Japão apenas de CD e songbook.
Kern é casado com Pamela Gibbs, que o ajuda nos álbuns; Kern a menciona nos créditos em seus últimos álbuns.
Desde Imagination's Light ele vem utilizando pianos Steinway.

He was born in Detroit , Michigan . He is now generally recognized as a representative of the New Age style.
For more than a decade, KEVIN KERN has become synonymous with beautiful and relaxing music. His recordings and concerts have established him as both a gifted composer and a brilliant performer.

His Latest CD, Endless Blue Sky, is his first in over three years and his first since moving from California to his new home in Minnesota. The CD contains thirteen original compositions comprising nearly one hour of beautiful music from this master of melody.

“My music has always drawn from three main influences, a strong classical education, a love of cinematic writing, and a deep respect for the great popular songwriters who have gone before me. With Endless Blue Sky, I drew on all of these inspirational sources to create music that runs the gamut from lyrical to vibrant.”

Kevin is joined by four of the Twin Cities’ finest musicians, violinist Jill Olson, cellist Rebecca Arons, guitarist Dean Magraw and bassist Gordon Johnson, each of whom bring their own special magic to the music.

The CD begins with “Joy of the Journey,” a lilting, light hearted melody that immediately engages the ear as it unfolds. As the album progresses, the listener is treated to a rich and lustrous color pallet comprised of selections which are both reminiscent of Kern’s best loved previous work and suggestive of an exciting future. Highlights include the classically inspired “Velvet Green,” a chamber trio written for violin, cello and piano, and the album’s title track, “Endless Blue Sky,” A melody that reflects the influence of the pop ballads of the last two decades. The album closes with the haunting “Always Near,” a piece reminiscent of a classic romantic film score.


Born in Detroit, Kevin Kern began playing piano at the tender age of 18 months. Though legally blind since birth, his exceptional talent soon became clear. His earliest musical influence was jazz legend George Shearing, whom he met as a child. With George as a mentor, Kevin developed an early love of improvisation and an appreciation for the beautiful sound a piano could produce. In addition to Shearing's contribution, he received an extensive classical education. From these experiences, Kevin developed his trademark sound where melodies exude lyricism, simplicity, and a directness that touches the heart of the listener.

Beginning with his phenomenally successful debut CD, In the Enchanted Garden, in 1996, which appeared on the Billboard charts for 26 weeks, Kevin has developed his own unique musical voice. In the years since the release of In the Enchanted Garden, Kevin's recorded output has ranged from the classically flavored cinematic melodies of Summer Daydreams, to the simple yet haunting themes on Embracing the Wind, and the more organic sounds of The Winding Path.

The opening and closing selections from Summer Daydreams, "Le Jardin" and "Return to Love", were prominently featured in the popular Korean drama, Autumn in My Heart. The inclusion of Kevin's poignant melodies in this drama, which can still be seen regularly around the world played a key role in developing his global following.

Kevin's music has appeared in film and television both in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to the Korean drama series, his music has been heard as part of the 2000 Summer Olympics, Live! With Regis and Kelly, The Late Show with David Letterman, Oprah, NPR, PBS, and in commercials for Mitsubishi and Blue Shield of California, among others.

In response to the constant demand for sheet music of his best loved compositions, Kevin has devoted his energies to the creation of solo piano arrangements of selected pieces from his Real Music Catalog. The first of these songbooks, which was released in 2006, featured all of the music from In the Enchanted Garden.

Kevin's previous CD, Imagination's Light was released in 2005 and went to number 4 on the Billboard Charts. In July 2008, Real Music released the Imagination's Light Songbook, a sheet music collection containing all of Kevin's original compositions from the CD.

Endless Blue Sky will be available in fine music stores and on all the popular music download sites beginning January 27, 2009.

Kevin Kern is a Steinway artist.