Junior (born Antonio Morales Barreto on May 10, 1943 in Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino singer and actor. He is the oldest of 5 sons. He is tri-lingual and speaks Filipino (Tagalog), Spanish, and English.

He was born in Manila in 1943 in the midst of World War II, when the Philippines was taken hostage under Japanese occupation.

He was 15 years old when his family settled in Barcelona, Spain then in Madrid.

In 1957, he became part of the group Jump, a pioneering Spanish electric guitar group. In the group’s popularity, he was included in the movie Me Enveneno De Azules in 1969. His unstaked first themes Todo Porque Te Quiero (It’s All Because I Love You) in 1969 and Perdóname with English theme The Snake in 1973.

Became known worldwide since 1974, when he recorded the song "Excuse Me", the English version of the song "Perdoname "letter of the original pair of Spanish composers A. Morales and Snapier Bell

He became part of the group Los Brincos with Juan Pardo. His brothers Miguel and Ricky Morales were invited to join the group. Later, he and Juan Pardo left their group as Juan y Júnior. One of their songs include Spanish version of “Fool On The Hill” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney from LP titled Júnior in 1976.

In 1979, he stopped his career to manage career of his wife late Rocío Dúrcal whom he has 3 children, including singer Shaila Dúrcal who is dedicated not only to her mother but also to her mother’s namesake Rocío Jurado and Colombian diva Soraya who have been cancer victims.

In 1980s, he starred in the Filipino movies Good Morning Sunshine with Vilma Santos, Bongga ka Day, and Disco Madhouse and released three albums in Tagalog for the Philippines. One of his most popular songs that he wrote and produced was "Yakap".

In 2006, his wife Rocio Durcal died of cancer.