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Joe Egan (Irish name: Seosamh MacAodhagain) (born Joseph Egan, 18 October 1949, in Paisley, Scotland) is a Scottish singer and songwriter.

In the 1960s Egan, together with former school mate Gerry Rafferty, played in various smaller British bands, for example The Sensors and The Mavericks, and worked as a session musician. In 1972 he and Rafferty founded the folk / rock band Stealers Wheel. After two unsuccessful singles the track "Stuck in the Middle With You", which he had co-written with Rafferty, surprisingly became a hit in 1973 and reached the Top Ten of both the UK Singles Chart and the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Subsequently the band had a few smaller successes, amongst others with the Egan penned song "Star", but stagnating sales figures and artistical differences finally led to the band's break-up in 1975. Egan eventually recorded his solo debut album Back On The Road, but this did not occur until 1979 as he and Rafferty were contractually obliged not to release any recordings for three years.

In 1978 Rafferty had a worldwide hit with "Baker Street" and the following year Egan registered a minor hit with his first single release, also named "Back On The Road".

The same year Egan's second single "Out Of Nowhere" turned out to be a flop. 1981 saw the release of his second album Map, which was not a critical or commercial success. Egan disappeared from the music industry and has not released any new recordings.

As of 2005, Egan lives in Renfrewshire and runs a publishing company from his home.

[edit] Discography

* 1979 - Back On The Road

1. "Back On The Road"
2. "Ask For No Favour"
3. "Natural High"
4. "Why Let It Bother You"
5. "The Last Farewell"
6. "Freeze"
7. "Pride"
8. "No Time For Sorrow"
9. "Leavin It All Behind"
10. "Out Of Nowhere"

* 1981 Map

1. "Tell Me All About It"
2. "Survivor"
3. "Stay As You Are"
4. "Diamonds"
5. "Maker On The Make"
6. "Miss Match"
7. "Heat Of The Moment"
8. "Price Of Love"
9. "A Little Bit Of Magic"
10. "Front Line"