"Still in Love with You" is a song originally recorded by Thin Lizzy, first released on their 1974 album Nightlife, and later released on the live albums Live and Dangerous, Life, BBC Radio One Live in Concert, The Peel Sessions and One Night Only. Allmusic's review of the song says it "is widely considered to be Thin Lizzy's greatest, most romantic ballad."

On all Thin Lizzy releases, the song is credited solely to Phil Lynott, although at least one source attributes much of the credit to Gary Moore,[1] and that the song was largely composed by Moore in 1969. Moore had not recorded the song himself prior to his brief involvement with Thin Lizzy in early 1974, and it is his guitar solo on the finished recording on the Nightlife album. Even though Moore had left the band by the time the album was put together in the autumn of 1974, his replacement Brian Robertson refused to re-record the solo, believing that it could not be improved upon.[2] Robertson considers it his signature song as he played the most famous version, on Thin Lizzy's double live album Live and Dangerous, and would not let it be removed from the band's setlist.[3] The song later became a showcase for each of the band's guitarists, featuring in their live set until the band split in 1983.

Scottish singer Frankie Miller also featured on the Nightlife version of the song, joining Lynott in a duet. During 2011–12, the touring version of Thin Lizzy also performed the song as a duet, with vocals shared between keyboard player Darren Wharton and frontman Ricky Warwick.

Live versions of the song were released as the b-side of the "Thunder and Lightning" single in April 1983, and as one of four tracks on the 12" release of "Dedication" in 1991.

A re-recording appeared as a B-side to the "Out in the Fields" double single and 12" by Gary Moore and Phil Lynott in 1985.