Eddie kindricks-
This little girl of mine i wanna say shes so fine and each and every day i'll make sure she has her now we don't feel tied down allthough are hearts are bound i don't have to chsae her all over town my baby shes all ways around

the girls allright with me you know the girls allright(repeat)

now shes so good to me i guess thats why i feel fancy free just to see the glow in her eyes makes me once agian realize i love her with all of my and i know we'll never eva part i never heard about or caught her playin i guess htats why you allways hear me sayin'


when i visit at her home other fellas never never ring her phone she lets them know just where they stand she tells them all that i'm her man and when we're out on a date other fellas wait till i walk away they try to beat my time she tells them in a nice way shes mine all mine