I love you for all the wrong reasons
I need you every night and every day
Yes, I love you for all the wrong reasons
Cause you love me in all the right ways

Shimmering lips that kiss me
And a body to make a fool of any man
I'd like to run away, but
I just haven't had all that I can stand
Our love is like the darkness,
it just keeps on getting deeper with the night
And though we'd never say "I love you",
You know it feels so good when we get it right

Repeat Chorus

There's no reason for us to be here,
But we are and we have been for some time
Yeah we both have other lovers, but
What they don't know they sure don't seem to mind
So we throw it to the wind
We don't worry bout these pleasures that we steal
Cause there's oh so many reasons, but
It's really how we make eachother feel

Repeat Chorus 2x