I was born in Oakland, California and grew up in Davis, CA. After high school I moved to San Francisco to play basketball at the University of San Francisco. While attending school there I lived above the college radio station and fell in love with the magic of music. In 1986 I started the afro-industrial band The Beatnigs and we put out one album on The Dead Kennedy’s label Alternative Tentacles. In 1991 I formed The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, with dancer percussionist Rono Tse and now legendary jazz guitarist Charlie Hunter. We put out one album Hypocrisy is the Greatest luxury on Island records.
In 1994 I started Spearhead with a few studio musicians that I was working with while recording an album in Philadelphia. The initial intention was to just put a few people together to tour with when the album came out. Since that time we have gone through many line up changes to arrive at the core group of musicians who now make up Spearhead. Throughout my career I have always viewed music as a way to stir the soul and a vehicle for social change. I love the craft of songwriting as much as I love recording and performing. Every day of my life is rich with music. when I am not listening to it, I am practicing it and when I am not practicing, I am often writing songs in my head. Filmmaking and photography have also become great passions of mine. I still live in San Francisco (when I am not on the road) and in case you were wondering I was born on the 21st of April.